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Jeffrey Briggs, Hyena

Animal Conservation

28.5¨ x 22.5¨ x 1.75¨

Animal conservation has many contradictory facets. Some animals we selectively breed for food, while letting their original ancestral livestock almost disappear. With other animals we protect their territorial environments for sustainable exploitation. A few animals we are breeding in captivity to keep them from extinction, and in the meantime, we are making their habitats inhospitable. We go to great lengths to save some endangered animals while driving thousands of others into extinction. Saving and at the same time destroying is the subject of this piece.

In this work, the human is giving water to the animal. The human has a bow over his shoulder. There is an arrow in the back of the animal. The saving (the water) and the destroying (the arrow) becomes the paradox of the relationship. Maybe what we are really doing in conservation is deciding which creature we will keep on earth with us.