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Jeffrey Briggs, The Messenger

¨The Messenger¨
Communicating with Animals

28.5¨ x18.75¨ x 1.5¨

Our efforts to communicate with other animals has been an eternal quest. Many of us have experienced the belief that we can understand what a fellow mammal is communicating to us. But in reality the void between them and us seems never truly bridged.

This work is my attempt to imagine that moment when this void is crossed. I have selected the symbol of the winged lion of Saint Mark the apostle as the animal world's messenger. The winged lion is a motif used to represent a leader or advocate of a cause. The scene depicts the moment when the advocate has come before the human. Finally the time has come when animals share thoughts with us. After all they share with us the same characteristics from which love, terror, grief, compassion and shame spring from. But, the Messenger's silence is as quiet as the material that this work of art is made of. Perhaps this is because the winged lion is also used as a motif for the guardian of gates and temples.

Animal intelligence springs from a different perception and understanding of the world than our own. Perhaps the void between man and animals will always exist. My hope is that we will never stop trying to know the creatures around us.