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Jeffrey Briggs, Primordial Hunt

¨Primordial Hunt¨
Animal Exploitation

26.5¨ x 14.75¨ x 1.25¨

While hunting, I experienced strong feelings I didn't know I possessed. I felt a total consciousness of the environment around me. These intensified sights, sounds, smells, and feelings coupled with the ability to hunt and kill brought out a predatory instinct that humans have felt since prehistory.

In this work, I have tried to capture the moment when the hunter coalesces with the inner animal self in the chase of the quarry. I have used the forest god Pan, half human half animal, to express this. In mythology, the god Pan, exuded menace and triggered panic in the forest. The rabbit is the expression of that danger. Dogs have been a partner with humans in the chase since around 12,000 BC. Some paleozoologists theorize that dogs taught humans better ways to hunt.