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Cullen Family Carousel, Detroit MI

1340 Atwater Street
Detroit, MI 48207

The Cullen Family Carousel was specifically designed for the Detroit River Conservancy. In August of 2006, Briggs Design began designing and sculpting an all new custom carousel for the Riverfront Park along the Detroit River in Michigan for Fabricon Creations.

Jeff designed and sculpted all of its animals and scenery. Instead of traditional horses, the animals were all creatures indigenous to the Detroit River area including an egret, a snail, a loon, a frog, an eagle, a heron, a sturgeon as well as the mythical River Mermaid and River Monster. David Clarke, John Snyder and Lindley were assistants on the project. One of the design challenges was to be able to view this carousel from a long distance away, especially from the Canadian side of the river. We did this by making the tent and finial very high for size of the carousel. We also lit the interior of the tent, creating an interesting pattern of light with a lot of detail that could be seen from the other side of the river.

Once cast in Long Island, the creatures and scenery panels were painted by painter William Rogers, in Haverhill, MA. The carousel was completed and installed by May of 2007. Since it opened the carousel has become a "Detroit icon and treat for kids of all ages".

The carousel is named in honor of Conservancy founding co-chair, Matthew P. Cullen and his family. The naming of the Carousel occurred as a result of a significant capital campaign contribution made by family and friends of the Cullen family.

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